3 Reasons to Have a Garden Tap Fitted

If you struggle to get water out of the house and into your garden, then fitting a garden tap could be the answer to all your problems. If you've thought about having a garden tap installed for a while but felt it was a bit of a luxury, then think again. You'll be surprised at what you can do with an outside water supply. What are the benefits?


1. Reduce Indoor Water Mess


If you currently use an indoor tap to get water outside when you need it, then you'll know that this is a tiresome and messy solution. For example, if you use a watering can to water your garden, then you have to make repeated trips to fill the can. Once you're done, you probably have to mop up the water you spilled along the way.

If you run a hose from an indoor tap out into the garden, then you get water on the spot; however, if your hose connector comes off the tap then your kitchen will get covered in water. Again, you'll have a clean-up job to do once your garden is watered.

If you have a garden tap, you can fill your watering can or run your hose from the tap with much less hassle. Spillages won't need cleaning up.


2. Take Care of Multiple Outdoor Jobs


A garden tap doesn't just make it easier to water your garden; it also helps you do various outdoor maintenance jobs. For example, you can use the tap to do the following:

  • Wash your cars: If you've been taking your cars to the carwash because you couldn't face lugging water outside, then a garden tap makes it easy to wash your cars at home.
  • Clean paving and decking: A tap gives you a constant supply of water so you can hose down or pressure-wash paved areas and decking.
  • Fill your paddling pool: If your kids constantly ask you to fill their inflatable pool but you often can't face the hassle, then you can simply fit your hose to the tap and keep everyone happy.
  • Clean conservatories and sunrooms: If the windows and frames on your conservatory or sunroom look dirty, then you can use the tap to hose them down.
  • Clean bins: Your garage and recycling bins need cleaning every now and then to stop them from smelling and attracting insects. This job is a lot easier if you can wash them out with a hose in your garden.

As well as making outdoor jobs easier, a garden tap can also keep your home cleaner by allowing you to take messy jobs outside.


3. Keep More Dirt Out of the House


You can use a garden tap to clean stuff outdoors that you've had to clean in the house so far. This reduces mess inside. For example, you can use an outdoor tap to:

  • Clean your dog: Getting a muddy dog into the house and into the bath without it leaving a trail of dirt is impossible. If you have a garden tap, you can give your dog a quick wash or even a full bath outdoors.
  • Hose down sports kit: If your kids play sports like rugby or footy, then they'll come home after some games with a lot of mud on them. Cleaning boots in a sink works, but it creates a lot of mess. A garden tap helps you get the worst of the mud off boots and even kit outdoors.

If you're interested in having a garden tap fitted, then contact A&C Plumbing. We can fit taps to the back or front of your house quickly and effectively.