4 Issues That May Be Causing Your High Water Bill

If you have noticed a sudden spike in your water bill, you may be experiencing a plumbing issue. The leak you’re looking for might not be easy to find. If the bill continues to go higher or stays at a much higher rate than normal, you should contact your plumber.

Your plumber can check for several issues that may be causing your water bill to skyrocket. Here are four issues that may be causing the high water bill.


1. Toilet Plumbing

One of the leading issues that leads to a high water bill can be found in your bathroom. There are several issues with the toilet that can occur without you noticing. If there is a continuous small leak in the plumbing or in the internal toilet plumbing you may see as much as a 1703 litre increase in water usage a month.

If you think your toilet may be the cause of your high water bill, check the ball valve. If the seal on the valve is not tight and does not lay flat, you will have a water loss that will increase the amount of water usage. If you hear the sound of running water or similar sound from your toilet, it may mean the valve needs to be replaced.


2. Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system in your landscape, you may run into several plumbing issues that cause a higher water bill. One of the issues may not be with a leak. You may have the system set to run longer or more often than necessary. A simple reset of the irrigation and sprinkler system may solve the problem.

If a reset does not solve the problem, then your plumber can check for leaks throughout the length of the irrigation system. You may find that there is a small underground leak caused by roots or animals. You may also find that there are issues with broken washers or with seals around joints of the system.


3. Washer Related Leaks

Faulty washers may be causing your high water bill. These washers are located where pipes join to other pipes, where the plumbing bends, and where the plumbing connects to faucets and outlets. Each one of the these areas may have one or more washers in place depending on the setup of the plumbing.

Your plumber can do a test of the home plumbing system to see where the washers may be breaking down. They can then take the pipes apart and replace the washers in these areas. This will reduce leaks and help to determine if there are other issues that may be causing further water usage issues.


4. Dishwasher Leaks

When you realize there may be a leak causing a large increase in your water bill, you might not think to check the dishwasher. Dishwashers use a large amount of water during each cycle. Even with water-saving systems, a large amount of water is still used when compared to hand washing dishes.

A dishwasher has several hoses that are connected to your hot water system, your kitchen sink and drain outlets. All of these areas can have leaks and water loss. Your plumber can check these connections to determine where the issues are and repair them before they become worse.

Before contacting your plumber, you can do some small troubleshooting to ensure the issue is not an easy DIY fix. If possible, check your water heater and under your home for any leaking pipes that would not normally be visible. If you do find a leak or other issue, take pictures and show them to one of our plumbers from A & C Plumbing. This will help our plumbers and reduce the amount of time it takes to diagnose the problem.