6 Signs the Time Has Come to Buy a New Sink

You can easily replace some of your home's features when they wear out. For example, if a microwave refuses to work or a glass pane shatters, you quickly buy a new one before these broken items make your life inconvenient. But what about somewhat more permanent features, like your bathroom sink, that continue to function long after they've stopped looking attractive?

The sink commands a great deal of attention in the bathroom because it sits right under the mirror and people use it regularly. But because you and your family or housemates use the sink so often, it wears out faster than most other bathroom features as well.

You deserve to look at an attractive sink when you use your bathroom. You also deserve to have a sink that works well. So, if appearance isn't enough to convince you to replace your sink, have a look at the signs below. When you notice these signs, you know the time has come to put in a new sink or washbasin.


1. You See Chips, Cracks and Other Physical Damage in the Sink


When pieces start to flake off your sink, they don't cause an immediate problem, but they do let water and bacteria into the porous layer under the porcelain. The water may make the damage spread throughout the porous layer, leading to leaks. The bacteria will make any standing water in the sink unhygienic.

So, if you want to solve the problem, replace your sink. You could resurface it, but make sure you check pricing beforehand. In some cases, resurfacing can cost more than a new sink.


2. You See Rust or Corrosion on the Tap and Other Metal Elements


Rust and corrosion change the metal's chemical makeup, and you don't have the ability to reverse the reaction. Additionally, once rust starts, it probably won't stop without extreme measures. After all, the water running through your tap will encourage the rust to form, and the corrosion may even originate inside the fixture. Again, talk to your plumber about replacing the sink.


3. You Can't Seem to Make Your Sink Hardware Come Clean


Hard water, stains and corrosion can make your sink look permanently dirty. And while you might not mind a dirty sink, any significant others or guests could feel less welcome when they see it. They might not even feel comfortable using the sink, depending on the level of wear. So, if your sink looks severely discoloured, you need to replace it.

4. You See Little Metallic Bits in the Sink Under the Tap


When you see metal in the sink, you know the metal inside the tap or the pipe has corroded. You'll need a plumber to come tell you which part has corroded. And if you find that the tap is the culprit, make sure you replace it. Those metal slivers may seem innocent enough, but they could cause health problems if you ingest too many.

5. You Notice That Water Flows From the Tap With Less Volume


Sometimes the corrosion inside your tap blocks the aerator, if you have one. If you have an aerator and the water stream from your tap seems thinner, then debris has probably blocked the tap. If the corrosion occurred inside tap instead of the pipe, then you'll need to replace the tap.

6. You Need More Storage Space, and You Have an Over-Large Sink


Even if your sink looks passable, you might want to replace it just so you have more storage space in your bathroom cabinets. Your bathroom sink doesn't need a large basin. You could install a shallower basin instead and increase the storage space underneath.

You don't have to wait for your sink to wear out to install a new one, nor do you have to lack storage space. If your sink simply clashes with your decorative style, you can replace it. Contact your local plumber to get started.