Benefits of Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Taps for Offices

While the taps in your office kitchen sink do their jobs well enough, they may not be the most efficient way to use water in a busy business environment. If the way your employees use hot and cold water in your office gives you headaches, then installing an instant boiling or chilled water tap may help.


How do instant taps work and how can they benefit your company?


What Are Instant Taps?


Instant temperature taps dispense water immediately at set temperatures. For example, a boiling tap dispenses water that is hot enough to make a hot drink; a chilled tap supplies cooled water for cold drinks.


Some taps only supply hot or cold water; combi taps dispense both. You connect these taps to your regular water supply or use filtered systems that treat water before it is dispensed.


What Are the Benefits of Boiling or Chilled Water Taps?


The main benefits of instant taps are convenience and speed. You can make a cup of coffee straight from the tap without needing to boil a kettle. Or you can get a glass of chilled water without running a tap until the water is cold enough.


Other benefits include the following.


Improved Water Quality


If your employees use a kettle to make hot drinks, they often end up drinking lime scale too. Kettles get fuzzed up with lime scale — a build-up of calcium — if they are used a lot. This isn't harmful, but it isn't pleasant in a drink.


When a kettle contains lime scale, bits of the scale end up in the water. This gives you a mouthful of scale at the end of every hot drink. Remember, this doesn't just affect you. If you make drinks for clients from the kettle, then a mouthful of lime scale pieces won't make a great impression.


An instant boiling water tap delivers constant hot water without lime scale. Plus, if you install a filtered tap, then the water you use for hot or cold drinks will have its impurities filtered out. Your water simply tastes better.


Less Wasted Time


While you actively encourage employees to take regular breaks, you don't want them to waste time when they should be working. An instant tap reduces the time that people spend in the kitchen.


For example, if someone offers to make hot drinks for their team, then this could take a while if they use a kettle. They may have to boil the kettle a couple of times to get enough hot water. With a boiling water tap, they just fill each mug or cup from the tap.


Reduced Costs


An instant boiling or chilled water filtered tap could save your business money. For example, these taps reduce energy and water wastage.


Boiling a kettle often uses more energy than it should. If people fill the kettle up even though they only want to make one drink, then they boil more water than they need. This wastes electricity and energy. If your cold water tap needs to run for a while before the water chills, people waste water every time they want a cold drink.


An instant tap prevents waste. Both hot and chilled water are immediately available from the tap at the right temperature. People only use what they need.


A temperature-controlled tap may also reduce other costs for your company. For example, kettles may not last that long if they are used heavily. You may have to buy replacements regularly. You don't need a kettle at all with a boiling water tap.


Plus, if you currently hire a water cooler for your office, then an instant chilled water tap could replace the cooler. As well as saving on hire costs, you'll no longer need to buy water bottles. This can be a substantial saving.


A&C Plumbing can help you choose and install the right boiling, chilled or combi tap for your office's water needs. To find out more, contact us.