Why Drain System Maintenance Is Best Left to Professionals

There's no doubt about it — keeping your drains well-maintained is of vital importance. Not only can issues with the system cause major inconveniences for you and your family, but they can cause further problems in the home too.

For one thing, an unclean or damaged system can allow bacteria to contaminate your water. This is extremely harmful to health, carrying the serious risk of disease, and it may even lead to erosion of the pipes in worst-case scenarios.

Taking good care of the system prevents all of this — but it's not as simple as inspecting the system yourself. You should leave the task to an expert instead. Here's exactly why.


Identifying Problems

Some drain issues are very visible. For example, it's easy to spot a surface-level blockage. However, most drain problems are much harder to spot. It takes an expert eye to be able to see these problems and understand the effects that they're having on the system.

Equally, an expert will not be led astray by cosmetic problems. To the inexperienced eye, clearing a specific blockage may look like you've solved an issue, and perhaps it'll work in the short term — but that blockage may be symptomatic of a much broader problem and quickly return.


Knowing When to Replace and When to Repair

If you manage to diagnose that there's a problem with a specific part of the system, that is only the first step in finding the solution. Knowing what to do with it is the next.

For a non-professional, it would be easy to spend a lot of money on a costly replacement part which will soon develop the same issue. Equally, knowing how to replace a part — and being physically capable of doing so — is no small task.

A professional can tell at a glance whether a part can be repaired and salvaged, or whether a replacement is necessary, and what other work must be done to prevent that damage from reoccurring.


Using Specialist Equipment

For many drainage issues, expensive specialist equipment may be used. Equipment will either be absolutely necessary to solve the problem or will save a vast amount of time over performing the same task manually.

For example, a professional plumber may use CCTV cameras to inspect your drains or a high-pressure water jet to clear a difficult blockage. Seeing inside your pipes without a camera would be impossible, and clearing that blockage may take hours of hard labour. It simply isn't worth the exertion.


Preventing Emergencies

In real terms, having regular drain maintenance performed is much more reliable than committing to doing it yourself. Even with the best will in the world, real life can often interrupt your ability to conduct this kind of work on your home. You only need to forget a few times before a really serious situation can emerge in your drains.

Having a professional come in on a scheduled basis to do it for you gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it's being taken care of. You can forget about it without the risk of waking up to a plumbing emergency.


Putting Safety First

Even in domestic situations, working on drains can be very dangerous. This is particularly true if any close-up inspection or excavation is necessary, but even just being exposed to the potentially contaminated water is a risk. You should not risk coming into contact with or inhaling it.

By contrast, professionals are trained to deal with these risks and know how to reduce them. They will also be armed with the right clothing and equipment to keep themselves safe and healthy.

The instinct to learn and do it yourself is strong in many homeowners, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. In many cases, it's a good way to save money and take care of your household. When it comes to drainage work, however, you should leave it to the professionals at A & C Plumbing. Contact us to join our maintenance program today.