Commercial Plumbing

A & C PLUMBING specialize in the area of commercial plumbing and maintenance, we have acquired many new clients accompanying our existing program to carry out all necessary testing and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Our program has been in place for over 15 years and has a high success rate.

We work with insurance companies, schools, body corporates, colleges and various commercial and residential real estate agents.

BACKFLOW TESTING – Annual backflow testing is mandatory under legislation to prevent contamination of your water supply.

WATER FILTERS – Annual replacement of water filters at home and office.

ROOF, GUTTERS, DOWNPIPES AND DRAINS –      A & C PLUMBING undertakes a quarterly roof maintenance and cleaning program to help prevent against floods and water entry during storms.Arrange for an appointment today.

SEWER PIPES – Annual CCTV viewing of drains can help prevent blockages and help assess areas which may falter due to “time of year” or excess use.

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Hot Water Plumbing

A & C plumbing will attend to all your hot water requirements and are experts in this field.We carry out all of the following:

  • Continuous flow hot water service
  • Mains pressure hot water service
  • Gravity fed hot water service
  • Gas & electric – changeovers including 3 phase

Tempering valves – clean out filters and check correct temperature of water supply at fixtures in bathroom.

P&TR valves – service and clean valve and discharge pipe of any debris or obstruction.

Thermocouplings and pilot assemblies – cleaning, repairing or replacing of same.

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Gas Plumbing

All calls relating to gas plumbing supply/faults are deemed urgent and will be attended to as a matter of priority A & C Plumbing will promptly handle all your gas requirements. If your thinking about installing a new gas appliance it is better to get a licensed plumber to do this for you, not only will this ensure your new gas product is installed correctly but also ensure you get the most from your warranty.
GAS LEAKS – call us to isolate your supply immediately (24/7)

  • Manometer testing
  • Soapy water testing
  • Electronic gas testing device

GASFITTING LINES – all gas works tested and certified by a licensed gas plumber.

APPLIANCES – serviced and repaired (wall furnaces, space heaters, hot plates and ovens).CARBON MONOXIDE TESTING 
Recommended every 2 yearsCarbon Monoxide is a deadly gas emitted from faulty gas appliances.  A & C Plumbing has the expertise to carry out tests, detect and repair or replace appliances if required.POOL HEATERS
All types of pool heaters from Solar to gas & electric

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Drainage Plumbing

A & C PLUMBING are experts in clearing drains promptly and successfully.  We can provide repairs and renewals to all your drainage problems.

Blocked drains

We will inspect and determine cause and location of blockage using latest techniques and equipment via electric drain cleaning machine and cables or high velocity water jet.

Repairs / Replacement

Replacing of section of sewer/storm-water drains can be carried out by our qualified plumbers.  Boundary traps and shafts to be replaced via mini excavator.

Drain maintenance

A & C Plumbing highly recommend you participating in our regular maintenance program to help prevent emergency issues.  Save yourself undue stress and dollars and arrange an appointment.

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A & C Plumbing services include everything you would expect, and more. We can install, maintain, and repair any gas appliance in your home and ensure that everything is working perfectly. Our team can also handle all plumbing installations and repairs, including drainage works, blocked sinks, and more.

As Yarraville‘s trusted supplier of plumbing services, we see it as our job to provide fantastic service, great results, and excellent rates.

Fully accredited and qualified, & exceed all safety regulations & requirements when we work.

  • Emergency plumbing
    • Excess water bills
    • Burst pipes
    • Leaking Taps
    • Toilet/cisterns
    • Appliance Installations
  • Basins & Sinks
  • Gas Heaters
  • Gas Cookers
  • Much much more!

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Roof Plumbing Professionals

A & C Plumbing are professionally trained roof plumbers only using materials that meet the highest industry standards.

Storm damage

Immediate action is undertaken to attend all storm related work.

  • GAL


Maintenance program

You are invited to enquire about joining our successful roof maintenance and cleaning program. To help maintain a extended life cycle of your roof & gutters

We work with all types of roofing Material for

  • Roof
  • Gutters
  • Spouting
  • Downpipes 
  • Repairs to all metal / tiles / slate

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