Commercial Plumbing

A & C PLUMBING specialize in the area of commercial plumbing and maintenance, we have acquired many new clients accompanying our existing program to carry out all necessary testing and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Our program has been in place for over 15 years and has a high success rate.

We work with insurance companies, schools, body corporates, colleges and various commercial and residential real estate agents.

BACKFLOW TESTING – Annual backflow testing is mandatory under legislation to prevent contamination of your water supply.

WATER FILTERS – Annual replacement of water filters at home and office.

ROOF, GUTTERS, DOWNPIPES AND DRAINS –      A & C PLUMBING undertakes a quarterly roof maintenance and cleaning program to help prevent against floods and water entry during storms.Arrange for an appointment today.

SEWER PIPES – Annual CCTV viewing of drains can help prevent blockages and help assess areas which may falter due to “time of year” or excess use.

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