Gas Plumbing

All calls relating to gas plumbing supply/faults are deemed urgent and will be attended to as a matter of priority A & C Plumbing will promptly handle all your gas requirements. If your thinking about installing a new gas appliance it is better to get a licensed plumber to do this for you, not only will this ensure your new gas product is installed correctly but also ensure you get the most from your warranty.
GAS LEAKS – call us to isolate your supply immediately (24/7)

  • Manometer testing
  • Soapy water testing
  • Electronic gas testing device

GASFITTING LINES – all gas works tested and certified by a licensed gas plumber.

APPLIANCES – serviced and repaired (wall furnaces, space heaters, hot plates and ovens).CARBON MONOXIDE TESTING 
Recommended every 2 yearsCarbon Monoxide is a deadly gas emitted from faulty gas appliances.  A & C Plumbing has the expertise to carry out tests, detect and repair or replace appliances if required.POOL HEATERS
All types of pool heaters from Solar to gas & electric

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